E’ bene, nella vita come ad un banchetto, non alzarsi né assetati né affamati.


Welcome dish
- Selection of products from Emilia-Romagna

First dish
- Tortelli filled with stracchino and squacquerone with seasonal vegetables
- Classical Tagliatelle ragù
- Triangles of potatoes with thyme
- Ravioli stuffed with eggplant, fresh tomatoes and basil

Main dishes and contours
- Fillet with natural or Modena's balsamic vinegar
- Lamb with rosemary
- Guinea fowl breast with honey spicy
- Veal cutlet with bone
- Vegetable flan with Parmigiano cream
- Fresh seafood platter of market
- Sarconi's beans
- Season vegetables
- Selection of Lucan's cheeses

- White mascarpone garnished
- Chocolate flan
- Seasonal fruits


Cover and service are included.
Other dishes not included in the menu are offered each day according to the seasonality of raw materials.
All the fresh pasta is produced by ourself.
On reservation, the kitchen prepares the dish won the first prize at the Regatta San Pellegrino Cooking Cup (Venezia 2003): Borlotti beans reassembled with beans cream on crustaceans and molluscs. The meat is provided by butcher Macelleria Agnoletto Bignami (via Pescherie Vecchie 10/A, Bologna); fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and truffles are selected by Azienda Agricola Ubaldo Zamboni (via Viadagola 60, Granarolo dell’Emilia - BO). The pastry is supervised by Le Dolcezze (via Palazzetti 14/A, San Lazzaro di Savena - BO).
Room manager Emanuela, Jessica, Alice – Chef Francesco Guerra, Luigi Grosso – Patron Emanuele Addone